Note : this service has been discontinued for Indonesia. We thank you for your understanding.


For those customers who would like to purchase an item that is only available in Japan but do not have a Japanese shipping address, BIG IN JAPAN is offering a parcel forwarding service. The process is simple: you, the customer, take care of the order (including payment) and we receive the parcel and forward it to you for a FIXED RATE of 500 yen.  Yes, that’s right, whatever the weight and value of your order, our commission will only be 500 yen to forward a parcel (see below for details).


Possible items are not limited to hobby-related goods. You can also buy CDs, DVD/blu-rays, games, books, clothing or anything you can think of provided the item can be shipped overseas.

Please refrain from buying the following types of items as we will be unable to ship them out and will have to remove them from your parcel :


  • Flammable items, including :

  1. Lighters/zippo, even non-filled
  2. Flammable cosmetics such as nail polish
  3. Hair dye
  4. Hair tonic
  5. ALL types of lotions, including lubricants provided with adult toys
  6. ALL types of sprays
  7. Perfume
  8. Paints
  9. Thinners
  10. Adhesives / glues
  • Perishable foods  (candies and dry foods are ok)

  • Any kind of weapon

  • Narcotics (including medication)

  • Pornographic material can be shipped, but please be aware that certain regulations might prevent you from receiving the item depending on your country of residence. Also, lubricants for adult toys are NOT shippable so they will be automatically removed from your parcel.

  • Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content below 24% can be shipped overseas with the exception of the following countries : Bolivia, Canada, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Iceland, Israel, Kuweit, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA. Any beverage over 24% can NOT be shipped overseas.

  • Air guns and model guns

  • Plants

  • Live or dead animals


  Special restrictions concerning lithium batteries :

Products containing up to 2 built-in lithium batteries can be shipped via Japan Post. However all products containing either more than 2 batteries, OR non built-in batteries, OR lithium chargers / power banks can NOT be shipped overseas.



Here is how our forwarding service works:

STEP 1. Place the order with the JAPANESE store(s) of your choice (payment and communication with the seller is left entirely up to you). Shipping address should be the following:


Your name  (do not input the company name)

111-0043 Taito-ku, Komagata 2-5-6 Kaminaga Building 5F, Tokyo

111-0043 東京都台東区駒形2-5-6 カミナガビル5F

 Phone number : 03-5830-3276  (answering machine)


For example, if you’re placing an order on, here is what your registration screen should look like:

Please note that your shipping name must be the same than the name of the account you use on our website. Please do not use kanji unless you are Japanese. If you buy from a shop that does not accept latin letters or if your native language uses another writing system than the latin alphabet, katakana or hiragana should always be used (even if the field says kanji !)

Please do NOT under any circumstances use a fake name. Parcels with fake names or names that do not match your registered name will be ignored.


STEP 2. Go to the following page and purchase a forwarding ticket (it is not necessary to pay in advance) Follow the usual ordering process. You will find yourself in one of the following configurations :

  1. Your order is for only one parcel that you wish to have forwarded in its original packaging. Please buy a forwarding ticket with no repackaging (500 yen)
  2. Your order is for only one parcel but you would like its contents to be repackaged. Please buy a ticket with the Repackaging option (1500 yen total commission).
  3. You have ordered from several shops or your order has been split in several shipments and you would like everything to be combined. Please buy a ticket with the Repackaging option (1500 yen total commission). The repackaging fee remains the same regardless of how many incoming parcels you have.
  4. You would like to split your order into several shipments, for example to make them eligible for Small Packet shipping. Please buy a ticket with the Repackaging option (1500 yen). 500 yen will be added for each outgoing parcel.


You can keep a maximum of 10 parcels in storage with us for up to one month.

In the Comments box of the order, please indicate the number of parcels you’re expecting, the names of the respective senders and the general nature of the items (it’s not necessary to provide us with a detailed list of the items you ordered).  That information is essential. Without it, we might not be able to identify your order. You can also provide a domestic tracking number if you have one.

N.B : the number of parcels you’re expecting should be clearly displayed in the Comments box so that we can automatically start with repackaging if applicable. We cannot accept requests of ticket closure by email.

Choose a shipping method (any method is allowed, but please keep in mind that some items might not fit into a Small Packet).

N.B : you absolutely need to order the forwarding ticket before we start receiving your shipment. If your shipment is not identifiable upon arrival, it will be put aside and its processing will be greatly delayed.


STEP 3. We receive your order(s) and send you a Paypal invoice with the amount you need to pay : 500 yen (+ 1000 yen if you choose repackaging) + international shipping fees + Paypal fees (3.7% of total amount + 40 yen). No parcel can be added and no request of shipping method modification can be accepted once the bill has been issued.


STEP 4. As soon as we receive your payment, we ship your order.


Please note that we will be totally unable to help with your purchase. You need to be able to place the order yourself and have the necessary means of payment. Please do NOT choose cash on delivery as a payment method (代金引換). Any parcel we receive with cash on delivery will be rejected by our services.  If you need support for your purchase, please use our traditional proxy service.

Unfortunately, forwarding orders cannot be combined with items fron our store or proxy orders.


A parcel that hasn’t been claimed for 1 month (no ticket and no communication) will be considered abandoned and its contents as belonging to BIG IN JAPAN/Collectoys.