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Would you like to buy from a Japanese shop that doesn't ship internationally?  Does the shop not accept foreign credit cards?  BIG IN JAPAN can help you !

Our proxy service will help you place orders in those stores and will take care of the whole payment and shipping process. We can help purchase any kind of item except the following :

§  Flammable items (including lighters/zippo, even non-filled, and some cosmetics such as nail polish)

§  Items containing a lithium battery (including all recent portable and non-portable gaming consoles, and USB chargers)

§  Perishable foods  (candies and dry foods are ok)

§  Any kind of weapon

§  Narcotics (including medication)

§  Pornographic material can be shipped, but please be aware that certain regulations might prevent you from receiving the item depending on your country of residence.

§ Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content below 60% can be shipped overseas with the exception of the following countries : Bolivia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Kuweit, Philippines, Porto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA.


The rules are extremely simple : we will charge you the actual price of the item (as proved by an invoice or a receipt), plus our commission.


Commission :

500 yen basic commission


up to 20,000 yen : 15% of the total price

20,001 yen and above : 10% of the total price


Please note that shipping fees are NOT included.


Please  send your requests to  : Do not forget to mention your shipping address as well as the shipping method you would like to use.


Attention : insurance will be mandatory for shipments worth more than 5,000 yen.


Please note that the payment of a deposit is required. It is 50% of the item price.

Once we have received the item, we send you a Paypal invoice which you should settle within 48 hours.

We are now waiting for your message and hope to be able to serve you in the future !